Reel Poker Slots

Reel Poker is a WGS slot, which is devoted to the fan-favorite gambling game – poker. There are three jackpot amounts depicted over the reels - a Minor one, a Major one and a Progressive one. The game provides 100 ways of paying winners. Bets can vary from 50 cents to 2 dollars and 50 cents. The maximum number of bet coins with which a spin can be entered is 5. The gameplay also offers a solid variety of profitable combinations and a couple of well-paying bonus features.

Earn Through Poker Hands in a Slot Game

The rules of poker have heavily influenced those of Reel Poker. All the symbols that will be appearing on the reels are actual poker cards. The winning combinations are impressive poker hands. The Royal Flush is the highest paying hand and it involves an A, K, Q and J of Spades, paying 10 000 credits. Next is 5 of a kind – the same card regardless of the color, which offers 2000 credits.

The Straight Flush – 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the same color awards 1000 credits. 4 of a kind – one card, which is either of a red or black color, grants 45 credits. The Full House – 2 of the same cards and 3 of the same card gives 20 credits. The Flush – 4 cards of the same suit, provides players with 15 credits. The Straight – 5 consecutive cards regardless of their suite, delivers 13 credits.

Profit from Three Jackpots and Up to 30 Free Spins

Each of the reels in the game has a standard deck of cards (symbols). In order for players to get a chance and grab a hold of the Progressive Jackpot prize of the game 5 coins have to bet before spinning the reels. The other two jackpot prizes can be won randomly with any number of bet coins. There is a slight but very real possibility that all 3 jackpots are won in a single spin.

The free spins feature of the game can start randomly after the end of a spin. 15 cards will be shown and they will be face down. 2 matching cards will have to be revealed and if the player unveils a Double X2 card before that, the number of free spins will be doubled (up to 30 spins). Additionally, 16 face-down cards will be displayed in the bonus round and another pairing match will have to be found, potentially awarding a 5 times multiplier on the earnings made during the free spins.

Reel Poker Slots is a gorgeous blend of two highly admired gambling types of entertainment, which stands out with its innovative gameplay and its excellent payouts, delivered by winning combinations, jackpots and bonus features.