Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots is a classic slot from WGS, which features a memorable turkey-connected theme and can be as entertaining as it is more or less disturbing. On one hand, the main turkey character is funnily dressed and is standing on a beautiful collection of autumn leaves and vegetables but on the other, when players take a closer look, they will notice that the turkey is actually already roasted and has a knife and a fork in its tiny chicken hands.

That being said, the main screen also displays the 3 reels and the single payline. Coin sizes can be as small as 1 cent and as large as 5 dollars. The maximum number of bet credits with which a spin can be entered is 3. The gameplay can provide profits through its generous paytable, a couple of highly effective wilds and a very rewarding bonus feature.

Generously Paying Winning Combinations

The game has 8 symbols – one of them is a bonus symbol, two of them are wilds and the rest five provide payouts. The lowest paying winning combinations are affiliated with the cherry symbol. Any one cherry pays 2, 4 and 4 credits, any two cherries offer 5, 10 and 10 credits and the triple cherry combination brings 10, 20 and 20 credits. Three BAR symbols award 15, 30 and 30 credits. Three golden bell symbols grant 40, 80 and 80 credits.

The triple red seven combination gives 60, 120 and 120 credits. The two wild symbols in the game are the 2x Wild and the 5x Turkey Shoot Wild and together they dominate the top of the paytable. 3 of the 2x Wild symbol provide players with 500, 1000 and 1000 credits. A combination of any 3 wilds will deliver 2000, 4000 and 4000 credits. The highest paying combination is the triple 5x Turkey Shoot Wild one and it grants 5000, 10 000 and the game’s top prize of 15 000 credits.

Two Wilds with Big Multipliers and a Fun Bonus Game

Both wilds are capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game in order to complete potential winning combinations. A single 2x Wild forming a combination will double the made earnings. Two 2x Wild symbols completing a combination will multiply the payouts by 4. A single 5x Turkey Shoot Wild will multiply the earnings by 5 and two 5x Turkey Shoot Wilds – by 25. If the combination is created with the assistance of one 2x Wild and one 5x Turkey Shoot Wild, the prize out of it will be increased 10 times. The bonus symbol, which depicts the turkey can initiate the Wild Turkey Shoot Bonus by showing up on the third reel. Gamblers can win up to 500 coins through the feature.

Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots stands out with an off the hook theme and abnormally profitable symbol payouts, wild effects and bonus features, which will make you go crazy from all the opportunities for big earnings.